Did You Know?

Learn interesting facts and nuances about our faith with these short explanations as published in our weekly bulletin.

why the Eucharistic Prayer changespriests bridge the gap created by Adam & Eve the Holy Spirit comes down onto the altarthat Christ is the High Priest at each Massthat we all make the sacrifice with the priest
the Consecration is the heart of the Massafter the Consecration Christ is on the altarGod did not leave us alone as orphansabout the new and eternal covenant we talk directly to Jesus after the consecration
we offer Jesus on the altar back to the Fatherwe pray with and through Jesus on the altar about the Great Amenwhy we dare to say the Our Fatherthe Our Father is the perfect prayer
history of the Doxology after the Our Father11.03.19 how ancient the Sign of Peace is the priest puts a bit of the Host into the chalicewe behold the true Christwe speak words of a Roman centurion at Mass
the power of the Eucharist to heal and forgivewe must prepare before Mass to receive Christwhy Non-Catholics cannot receive the Eucharistthe best time to speak to Christ as Masswe are sent on a mission at the end of Mass