Fall Retreats 
Women – September 8-9, 2018
Men – September 22-23, 2018

Please call Lisa Bowden at 205-259-0612 with any questions.

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For more information, please contact our Men’s or Women’s team. Or call the Parish Office at 770-394-3896

WELCOME – Become The Best Version Of Yourself!

WELCOME is a unique spiritual renewal retreat that is designed to help you get personal clarity and be inspired to live with a deeper sense of purpose. It’s also a wonderful way to meet and build meaningful relationships with other men or women in the parish.

WELCOME evolved from the Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) retreat, which was created in 1969, and has helped transform more than 1,400 parishes in 100 dioceses and 40 states. Now part of the Dynamic Catholic organization, the WELCOME weekend preserves everything that is wonderful about the CRHP experience and integrates essential faith formation ideas and tools from Dynamic Catholic.

Through the WELCOME weekend, you can step back from your hectic everyday life to reflect on your spiritual life and journey. WELCOME incorporates prayer, faith sharing, Scripture reflection, music, informal group discussions, plus Mass and reconciliation, to put a framework around some of our most important life questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What matters most? What matters least?

Through WELCOME, We Can Truly Be the Church!

Do you long to be part of a parish that is dynamic and full of life – a parish where people are excited about their faith? Saint Jude the Apostle is this type of dynamic parish. We believe every parishioner deserves to live with passion and purpose, and WELCOME plays a big role in making that happen. Through WELCOME, you can meet some amazing men and women who will be lifelong friends and companions on the journey.

 WELCOME: the one YES that can change your life in wonderful ways!

We’re all busy. We all can come up with reasons not to spend time on our spiritual growth. WELCOME lets you step back from your hectic life, and discover how Christ can become the focus of everything you do.  WELCOME works! It’s changing lives, building Catholic community, and transforming parishes across the country.

 Do You Want to Renew, Refresh and Recharge Your Spiritual Life? Say Yes to WELCOME!

For more information, please contact our Men’s or Women’s team. Or call the Parish Office at 770-394-3896