Life Teen Retreats

Why go on retreat?

Our lives are constantly busy. We all have somewhere to be, something to do, someone to talk to, etc. But have you ever just wanted to stop and take a break? To be able to find peace again?

Retreats provide the opportunity to take that much needed break, to disconnect for a weekend and reconnect to what really matters- our relationship with God.

These weekends are especially powerful for teens. Friendships are formed and strengthened, teens get time to just be that- teens- and they get a chance to be in the beauty of nature while being reminded that they are created for a purpose.

Life Teen offers 3 retreats during the school year open to all high school youth.

During the summer Life Teen offers a mission trip and conference for all youth who are rising 9th grade up to recently graduated students.

Life Teen Retreat Dates for 2021/2022:

  • Fall Retreat: October 8-10 at Life Teen Camp Covecrest
  • Spring Retreat: Typically in March | Camp Hidden Lake | Dahlonega GA


When do the teens meet @ Saint Jude for the retreat?
5:30 PM and depart at 6:00 PM.

Is transportation provided?
Yes!  Busses will take them to and from the retreat.

When will they return?
Sunday for the 5pm Life Teen Mass. The retreat will end after the Life Teen Mass.

Who are the chaperones?
Saint Jude Church staff and Core members.

What do they bring?
Registered teens will receive a packing list a week before the retreat.

I want to help in some way, who do I talk to?
Awesome! Email Leigh Anne at

Will my teens have fun?
Yes! In addition to powerful talks and encounters with the Sacraments, teens will have a blast getting to know new friends, playing sports, games, and great camp activities