Ministry Request for Event/Solicitation

Saint Jude is a very active parish. After Mass activities are a useful way of promoting events/ opportunities for the parishioners. To ensure your ministry of this opportunity, and for accountability to the parishioners, this form must be completed by a board member of the ministry or organization requesting the solicitation. Completion of this form is not approval – it is a request to the Pastor detailing the purpose of your proposed activity.

Please submit this form online or print a copy HERE and return to the parish office as soon as possible before the requested date. In the event of multiple requests for the same date, ministries or organizations may be requested to reschedule the solicitation. You will receive a response to this request by phone or e-mail. Thank you for your cooperation and God Bless You for your commitment to our Parish. For assistance, please contact Kerry Arias (770-394-3896, ext. 236.)

Ministry Event/Solicitation

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