Race for the Residents

As our international mission partner, Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) provides round-the-clock care for abandoned and disabled children and adults. For the past two years, Saint Jude the Apostle has supported and sent mission teams to MSC’s community, Jacob’s Ladder, in Jamaica to provide much-needed supplies, funds, and companionship for their residents. However, all mission trips have stopped, and it is unclear when our mission team can return. Mustard Seed is in dire need of funds to support its nearly 600 residents who rely on them for their everyday needs.

To help support MSC from here, our parish is sponsoring a Virtual 5K Walk/Run called Race for the Residents. While our walk/run will be held on Saturday, June 12, each participant will walk/run individually or with their own small group at home or on their favorite walking path! We invite you to join our team to walk or run for the residents of Mustard Seed Communities! To find out more about joining our Virtual 5K team, please contact Kim Sims.

Meet some of the residents of Mustard Seed Communities!

Watch a video message from Father Garvin with updates on how they are doing during Covid times.