Easter Vigil Mass

Saturday, April 3, 7:30 pm
Bilingual Service

Due to the continued use of social distancing, our seating is limited; therefore, this Mass is reserved for our RCIA candidates, families, and sponsors.

You can view our live-stream for this Mass or attend one of our Masses on Easter Sunday. Thank you for your cooperation and deference to our fellow parishioners who are fully entering our faith this weekend.

Easter Vigil Program in English
Easter Vigil Program Spanish

Easter Vigil is our time to begin the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection! This celebration is tri-lingual and a program can be accessed below to follow along.

Traditionally, we begin outside with the Easter fire and the blessing of the Easter Candle.  The church is in darkness and, as the Candle enters, we begin to light our candles from it and fill the church with light.  We find the interior richly decorated after the solemnity of Thursday and Friday. The Exsultet is chanted to welcome the Candle which represents the light of Christ.  The Liturgy of the World has multiple Scripture readings that reveal God’s plan from Genesis to Jesus as we celebrate God’s love which culminates in the Cross and Resurrection.  After the Liturgy of the Word, the baptismal water is blessed and the Litany of the Saints is sung, asking them to join us, to pray for us.  This is followed by baptisms and confirmations of those from our English, Spanish, and Brazilian communities who desire to enter or come into full communion with the Church. We end our joyous celebration of these sacraments with the Liturgy of the Eucharist and a joyful dismissal.

This a beautiful, solemn Mass, and all are welcome to participate in welcoming our brothers and sisters into the faith!

This year, due to the quarantine restrictions, this Mass will occur without the congregation and the Easter Fire, procession of the Candle, blessing of the Baptismal Water and Litany of the Saints, and the sacraments of initiation will not occur.  The Candle will be blessed in a private ceremony before the Vigil and will be on the altar as the Vigil begins.

In these unusual times, we all yearn to receive our Lord in the Eucharist, and so we stand in solidarity with those who were to receive the sacraments and have communion with Jesus for the first time.