Holy Week 2020

Holy Week Schedule

See explanations of Holy Week Services:
Tuesday, The Chrism Mass at the Cathedral of Christ the King
Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Good Friday/Holy Saturday, Tenebrae, Morning Prayers
Good Friday, The Seven Last Words of Christ
Good Friday, The Passion of Christ
Easter Vigil Mass

7:30 am Daily Mass; 6:00 pm Daily Mass

7:30 am Daily Mass;
4:30 pm The Chrism Mass, Cathedral of Christ the King
6:00 pm Communion Service

7:30 am Daily Mass; 6:00 pm Daily Mass

(No 7:30 am or 6:00 pm Mass)
7:30 pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Multilingual
Following the service, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

9:00 am Tenebrae/Morning Prayer
12:00 pm Seven Last Words
3:00 pm The Lord’s Passion in English (Church)
3:00 pm Stations of the Cross in Portuguese (Ministry Hall)
4:30 pm The Lord’s Passion in Portuguese (Church)
5:30 pm Living Stations of the Cross in Spanish (Outdoor/Field)
6:00 pm Stations of the Cross in English (Church)
6:45 pm The Lord’s Passion in Spanish (Church)


No morning Mass, no Confessions, no 5:30 Vigil Mass
9:00 am Tenebrae/Morning Prayer
9:30 am Blessing of the Food
7:30 pm Easter Vigil, Multilingual

6:30 am Sunrise Mass (Outdoor Altar)
8:00 am Mass (Church)
8:15 am Mass (Gym)
10:00 am Mass (Church)
10:15 am Mass (Gym)
12:00 pm Mass, Life Teen (Church)
1:30 pm Mass in Spanish (Church)
7:00 pm Mass in Portuguese (Church)

9:00 am Daily Mass

Lenten Regulations  – Fasting and Abstinence
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops states that Catholics between the ages of 18 to 59 should practice fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. In this sense, fasting is one full meatless meal, with up to two smaller meatless meals that do not equal one full meal.  All Catholics age 14 and above should practice abstinence from meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays during Lent.

No Flowers in Church During Lent
During this holy season of Lent, the church and adoration chapel should be marked by simplicity. The altar and sanctuary are not to be decorated with flowers (Ceremonial of Bishops, no. 252). Please do not place flowers anywhere in the church during Lent.  This includes the altar, near the statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Jude, or the tabernacle area.