Lenten Parish Mission

Church Fully Alive!
With Joe Farris

March 9, 10, and 11 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm 

Join us for a special Lenten mission with Joe Farris, a well known Catholic speaker, Lay Passionist, husband, and father. Joe’s eclectic blend of scripture, storytelling, and humor invites us all to realize that a joyful life on earth and sainthood in heaven is within our grasp! Joe will help you answer the question, “What would you look like if you were fully alive?”

From “absurd living” to “obedient listening”, Night # 2 challenged us to an understanding of a more accurate description of who God is. In praising the Merciful Father, we were given the opportunity to invite God to surprise us with His love for us. Our LAST night will focus on putting it all together to become a CHURCH FULLY ALIVE. Don’t miss out! All are welcome!

Even if you missed last night, come tonight! Grab a friend and make plans to attend tonight at 7:00. Enjoy beautiful music by Ashley Dean starting at 6:50. We look forward to seeing you tonight!

Featuring local musician and worship leader, Ashley Dean

Listen to Ashley’s music






“In 45 years of being a priest, I have never encountered a speaker like Joe Farris. His bold message manages to blend together 20 plus years of parish ministry with a vision for the future that challenges and encourages. Our community, both young and old, was blessed by Joe and we are already trying to get him back!”  Father Justin Kerber, CP, Rector of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Raleigh, North Carolina