Confirmation Program


On behalf of Saint Jude the Apostle Parish, we welcome your family to the Confirmation Program!

The Sacrament of Confirmation completes the process of initiation into the Church. It is not the end of the faith journey; rather,  it sets the newly confirmed on the path to deepening their relationship with Christ.

Through classes, retreats, and service opportunities, our goal is to change the perspective of Confirmation from being just another check-point to setting each candidate’s hearts on fire for their faith!

Overview of Process

This program is for students preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation during high school.  At Saint Jude the Apostle, we follow the guidelines provided by the Archdiocese of Atlanta while adapting it to meet the needs of the families at our Parish.

Typically, Confirmation preparation begins when the candidate is in 9th grade with faith formation through attending our Life Teen Youth Ministry program and/or attending Catholic School. When the candidate enters 10th grade, they will begin sessions that teach about the specific topics students need to know for Confirmation, as stated by the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

We understand that there may be special circumstances where a candidate may arrive at Saint Jude outside of the norm of 9th and 10th grade and wish to be Confirmed. These candidates are welcome to be Confirmed, provided they have met the requirements mentioned below.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta requires those wishing to be Confirmed to complete TWO previous years of faith formation prior to the candidate’s Confirmation year (typically 10th grade).
One year of faith formation can include:
Catholic School religious education, EDGE Middle School Youth Ministry, or previous years of elementary Catholic religious education programs.

The second year of faith formation will continue when the candidate is typically in 9th grade by:
Attending Life Teen High School Youth Ministry and/or Catholic School.


When the candidate has completed the two previous years of faith formation and has registered for receiving the  Sacrament of Confirmation, the candidate will take part in the preparation process that is specific to Confirmation.  Typically, this is during the candidate’s 10th-grade year and is required for all students whether they are in non-Catholic or Catholic schools.

The preparation will consist of 3 Sunday afternoon sessions, a Candidate/Sponsor Workshop, Confirmation Day Retreat, and Confirmation Mass Rehearsal.

We look forward to supporting your teen this year as he/she prepares to become fully initiated into the Catholic Church! QUESTIONS? Contact our Confirmation Coordinator

Please click on the link below that applies to your child.