Updates to Virus Protection

Monday, May 18, 2020…

Dear Saint Jude parishioners,

Today, the Archdiocese of Atlanta announced that parishes could reopen as soon as the last week of May. Realizing that each parish church is unique, their directives leave the final decision up to each pastor.

With that in mind and knowing the amount of preparation and training of staff and volunteers that is needed to reopen, and to comply with all the necessary safety regulations, I am reserving announcing our exact opening date until later this week.

At that time, we will share with you the protocol we have been working on for attending Mass at Saint Jude while maintaining distance and safety during your time on campus. We will be following recommendations from the Thomistic Institute and the Centers for Disease Control.

We have never experienced a pandemic before. There is no handbook for how to bring people together for the celebration of the Eucharist during a situation such as this. So, I ask for your understanding and patience as we complete and implement a new protocol for Mass attendance. Amongst the new procedures, I will be requiring that everyone wear a mask while attending Mass. Additionally, Sunday and daily Mass times will temporarily be changed to allow adequate time for cleaning of the church between Masses.

Friends, please be assured that I have been waiting for this day to arrive! Celebrating Mass without seeing you all has been difficult yet necessary. Our Lord knows the sacrifices we have all been making these last few months. As He is a generous and gracious God, I know He is patient with our return. So, patience is what I am asking of each one of you. We will celebrate Mass together soon. We have been planning for this day, and we are looking forward to seeing you back in our pews for a joyful celebration!

Sincerely in Christ,

Msgr. Joe,