Planned Giving

A Little Planning Now Can Make a Big Difference for Generations to Come

Think of how long you have been a part of the St. Jude community and what it has meant to you. Has St. Jude made a difference in your life? Maybe you or your children attended St. Jude the Apostle School or were baptized or married here. Maybe you found strength in the church’s rock solid architecture, or made lasting friendships through one of our many ministries. In light of your experiences, you can play a role in securing the future of St. Jude with a Planned Gift”. A planned gift is a future charitable gift made by you naming St. Jude’s in your “Will” or “Trust” or as “beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plan”. This bequest will be used to fund the future needs of St. Jude the Apostle. 

Build a Legacy and Ensure the Future of St. Jude.
Everyone leaves behind an estate, whether it is a large house and investment portfolio, or simply an insurance policy and some cherished jewelry. Whatever the size of your estate, you should choose how you want it to be distributed – otherwise, the state’s laws will decide for you. If you want to benefit a beloved relative, a close friend, or a favorite charity, you make that happen by documenting your wishes in a will or trust. This is part of the estate planning process. Planned giving can be part of this process. Planned giving refers to various ways in which people can make charitable gifts through their estate planning. Planned giving enables individuals to make larger gifts than they could make from their income. The most common type of planned gift is a gift made to charity upon your death through a will, trust, insurance policy, or qualified retirement plan.

More on Planned Giving?
Planned giving, sometimes called deferred giving, is a method of making a charitable contribution in which some or all components of the gift are only distributed, or have their ownership finally resolved, after some event or some period has passed. A well designed planned giving program can allow charitable gifts to avoid estate taxes that may apply if the gift is instead included in the donor’s estate. Planning giving mechanisms can also provide benefits for the donor during his or her lifetime, including tax deductions.

Thank You
Your gift will leave a lasting personal legacy in support of St. Jude the Apostle, a church that has been the lifeblood of faith formation and the hub of service to the North Atlanta Community. As friends and parishioners, old and new, we are all beneficiaries of more than 40 years of service and parishioner generosity. Please remember St. Jude when creating or updating your estate plan.

If you would like to learn more or if you have already included our Church in your will, please contact us at 770-394-3896 or All inquiries are confidential.