Parish Verification Information

What does it mean to be an “Active Parishioner”?

To qualify for the “Active Catholic tuition rate” at Saint Jude School or another Catholic school, a “Parishioner Verification” form needs to be submitted and approved by our pastor.

Please read our Active Catholic Fact Sheet  before proceeding or filling out the verification form.

Parishioner verification is accomplished by the pastor looking equally at the three points of stewardship:
Time, Talent, and Treasure 

Specifically, we look at:

  • Regular Mass attendance and prayer life
  • An up-to-date parish registration on file
  • Regular involvement in one or more of our parish ministries
  • Regular financial support of the  parish and current pledge card on file

Please fill out our online Parish Verification Form a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the school’s deadline.

Questions? Please contact Adriana Piper, 770-394-3896, ext. 236