Bambinelli Sunday

Bring your Baby Jesus to Mass for a Special Blessing
December 16 – 17 Masses, 2023

During the seasons of Advent and Christmas, many of us display the Nativity scene in our homes. This custom depicting the birth of Christ owes its origin to St. Francis of Assisi, who made the Christmas creche for Christ on Christmas Eve in 1223. This manger reminds us of the humble birth of Christ.

Pope John Paul II began the tradition of  Bambinelli Sunday during his papacy to remind families about the joyous event of Baby Jesus’ arrival in the manger. Bambinelli Sunday is celebrated on the third Sunday of Advent. On that day children gather with their families in St. Peter’s Square and bring figures of the Christ Child from their family’s Nativity scene.  During the noontime Angelus prayer, Pope Francis blesses the children and the figurines they have brought.

Our Grandparents Ministry will continue our annual tradition of celebrating Bambinelli Sunday at all Masses on December 16 and 17. We invite young and old, children and adults to participate in this powerful witness to our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  The Nativity scene is a school of life where we can learn the secret of pure love and joy. Please bring your Baby Jesus from your Nativity set to Mass for a special blessing.