Parish Lenten Mission

Please join Father Garvin Augustine, Executive Director, Mustard Seed International, as he discusses “Awake from Your Slumber – Building the Kingdom of God in Our Everyday Lives.”

Monday – Led by the Spirit:
Each year the Holy Spirit invites us into a desert experience (Lent) in order to purify our hearts and spiritually strengthen our lives in preparation for the great Easter event. The same Spirit will also accompany us on this Lenten journey through acts of more fervent prayer, cheerful fasting and generous almsgiving.

Tuesday – Dispel the Darkness:
When we immerse ourselves into prayer and clothe ourselves in prayerful disposition we begin to recognize the light of God’s love, which will carry us through the various experiences of death, sickness, disaster (etc.) In these times, a prayerful disposition will help us to experience God’s love – a light in the Darkness.

About Fr. Garvin:

Father Garvin Augustine is a Catholic priest with the Mustard Seed Communities (MSC). He is the Executive Director of Mustard Seed Communities International and is responsible for overseeing operations and managing the finances of Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Zimbabwe. He sits on the MSC Board in each of these countries as well of the Board of MSC USA.

Garvin Augustine joined the MSC family in 1996. At the time, MSC had recently acquired a new property in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Garvin devoted his expertise in project management to help develop the property that would come to be known as Jerusalem!. In May of 2002, after taking promises as a Brother of Mustard Seed Communities and serving as Administrator of Jerusalem! for 5 years, Br. Garvin traveled to Zimbabwe to expand the reach of MSC programs to the Bulawayo region. He remained there until 2007, growing MSC Zimbabwe from a small youth group into a comprehensive nutrition, education and residential care program that serves over 500 children daily.

By 2007, Br. Garvin felt confident that MSC Zimbabwe could sustain itself and he departed for a three-year seminary program in Rome. He earned a degree in Theology and was ordained a Deacon in June 2010. His ordination as a priest took place in Kingston in January of 2011. Fr. Garvin is now based in Kingston, Jamaica, at Mahoe Drive—the headquarters of MSC International.

An important aspect of Fr. Garvin’s vision for the future of MSC is to develop the long-term commitment of young people to serve in all apostolates throughout all MSC countries as missionary brothers, sisters and priests. He also wishes to ensure that the original mission and vision of Msgr. Gregory, the founder, remain the inspiration for planting and nurturing the seed of faith wherever MSC is invited to serve.