Cultivating Holiness at Home

Our current situation has taken us away from our usual faith life. This can make us feel untethered from our faith. We might tell ourselves that we will “get back” to our faith life when the church is open again, and we may wonder what responsibility we have to the faith if Mass is not available.  Explore the options below to help you cultivate holiness at home.

Cultivate Holiness at Home
We all ache for liturgy and the sacraments. We long for those conduits of grace. Our hunger is a reminder that man is made for worship. But communal worship is only one part of our spirituality. Our private, personal spirituality must sustain us during these times. We must strengthen and deepen our personal life of spirituality.  This document contains various ideas on how to grow your faith and cultivate holiness at home with the aid of modern technology and ancient practices of the faith.

Preparing for Mass 
It may seem strange to be celebrating Mass from home. You must have a host of questions!
Is this a “real” Mass? Do you say the responses out loud? Do you stand, sit and kneel?
What about the Sign of Peace or your Offertory Gift? What about Communion? It feels odd
to be “at Mass” in my living room. Is there a way to prepare myself for Mass at home?   This booklet from Lynch Development Associates helps answer these questions and help make you more comfortable with the concept of celebration Mass at home.

Experience the Sacred at Home
Sacred spaces help us persevere in our personal relationships with God. Andrea Zachman, author of The Sacred That Surrounds Us : How Everything in a Catholic Church Points to Heaven discusses Catholic sacred spaces—how to understand and appreciate them more deeply, and how to create sacred spaces in our own homes with so many churches temporarily closed.