Lenten Resources

Little Black Books for Lent
The always popular Little Black Books for Lent will be available in the Church vestibule the weekend of February 10-11. Meditate with six-minute reflections based on the Passion narrative of Luke, learn about Saints, and interesting information about journeying through Lent. Allow the Little Black Book to guide you into prayer and a deeper understanding of our faith.  We have a limited supply so please only take one per family. For those of you that prefer using an app on your phone or mobile device, the Little Books Companion is available and will give you access to the three seasonal books published each year.  The cost is $10/annually.

Stations of the Cross
We have three ways to participate in this special service:

  • Join us on Fridays in the Church during Lent as a priest or deacon leads us. The Stations of the Cross are celebrated in English at 6:00 pm and in Spanish and Portuguese at 7:30 pm.  
  • Walk our outdoor stations which begin behind the Rectory and wind through the Church property.

Ignatius House Retreats and Days of Reflection
Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center is a Catholic non-profit that offers retreats, days of reflection, and more on their property off of Riverside Dr. in Atlanta. This Lent, join them for a weekend or Holy Week Lenten retreat or Lenten Days of Reflection where you can spend time in prayer and reflection.

Restore: A Guided Lent Journal for Prayer and Meditation
In this beautiful guided journal for prayer and meditation, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT invites you to meet the tenderness of God’s mercy, the power of His love, and the restoration of your heart and life.   Throughout Lent, you’ll move through the four traditional Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and sacrifice. If you enter into Lent with Christ, your heart will see more clearly, be pierced more easily, love more strongly, and serve more passionately. Companion videos are available.

Fearless: A 7-Week Video Series
Time and again, the people of God are called to “be Courageous” and “be not afraid.” Yet, we live in a time where fear seems to guide our very existence. Don’t miss this exciting series with a special guest each week as we seek to follow Jesus into the wilderness this Lent. Hosted by Chris Stephanick.

Best Lent Ever with Matthew Kelly
Beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing through all forty days of Lent, you will receive a daily email with a short video to help you reconnect with yourself and your God.  A companion journal is available.

Praying Lent: Creighton University
This online resource will assist you in entering into this wonderful season, from preparing to begin Lent to preparing to celebrate the holy three days following Lent. Daily Prayer with a link to the readings of the day, a brief meditation, a link to the Daily Reflection for that day and Intercessions from the Liturgy of the Hours are also available

At-Home Holy Week Kit for Families
The 2024 Holy Week Kit is a free, downloadable resource that guides your family through the traditions and significance of the days leading up to Easter in an easy-to-follow format.  Includes coloring pages, activity sheets, daily scripture, songs, and more.  The document is designed (and theologically edited!) to complement the activities and services of the Church. Download now to bring the faith to life in your home – the domestic church!

Lent with Brother Francis
Kids learn and pray through Lent, including the Stations of the Cross and daily meditations.

Louie’s Lent
This hardcover children’s book encourages children to prepare for Lent and understand that it is not just sacrifices of candy or toys, but of ourselves that can please God.  kids will experience Matthew 9:13: “Go and learn what this means, I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.

Daily Lenten Apologetics Reflections from Catholic Answers
In this daily apologetics series you’ll learn:
How was Jesus a prophet?
What will happen to those who never hear of Jesus?
What is a miracle?
How can I join or help someone join the Catholic Church?
How did the Church begin?
What did the Early Church Fathers believe about the Eucharist?
And much, much, more…
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FORMED: Lenten Programs
Curated content to help the Church journey through this Lenten season. In this collection are resources to help the faithful deepen their understanding of various Lenten days, practices, and devotions. You can find resources on prayer, the mystery of Christ’s Passion, the roots of Holy Week found in Judaism, and many things to help guide the faithful through the holiest days in our liturgical year—the Triduum. We pray that all of these resources draw us deeper into the mystery of Lent, Holy Week, and the Triduum as we look forward to the joy of the Resurrection.