Story of Life

A Story Of Life

Susan became pregnant at a very difficult time in her life. She already had 3 young boys and her “boyfriend” was unpredictable and not working. She was also nervous, scared and concerned about what her family would think about her.  She immediately considered terminating her pregnancy.

Ironically, Susan was working at an abortion facility in the recovery room making a substantial amount of money that she needed to take care of her boys. It was only by the grace of God that she walked through our Roswell clinic doors several months ago.   Embarrassed to have an abortion with her employer, she came in assuming we were also an abortion clinic.

We offered her a free pregnancy test, free ultrasound and OPTIONS- options like adoption referrals, prenatal referrals, assistance with Medicaid applications, free parenting classes, men’s groups, mom’s groups, one-on-one mentoring, earn as you learn programs for gear and supplies like car seats, clothing and diapers.   Susan quickly came to understand that we were what she needed most- a place where someone cared to listen without any judgment and unconditional love.

Susan not only chose life, but she quit her job at the abortion clinic and took a much lesser paying job at a child care facility so that she could bring her newborn with her to work.  She is currently continuing to pursue a career as a patient care technician in a healthy environment.

Because the clinic continues to support moms and families for up to a year of their child’s life and beyond, Susan will continue to have access to information, resource referrals, education, life-skills courses and earn-as-you-learn incentive programs until she feels she is stable on her own.

Inspiring stories like this happen every day inside the walls of the Pregnancy Aid Clinic. They have had over 1972 client visits over the last year while being blessed to also have 706 children born through their clinics over the same time frame.  Pregnancy Aid Clinics are the only Catholic pregnancy resource centers in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  They operate solely on individual donations and a few small grants.  The clinics cannot exist without your help.  Each day it costs approximately $3700 to operate the clinics which include locations in Roswell and Forest Park.  By supporting Pregnancy Aid Clinics, you are helping to create a culture of life while inspiring women and families in our own communities.

We truly appreciate your prayers and support. May God bless you all.