Natural Family Planning

Our ministry is committed to spreading the good news about Natural Family Planning (NFP) to the families of our parish. NFP is an umbrella term for certain methods used to achieve or postpone pregnancy. These methods, also known as Fertility Appreciation or Fertility Awareness methods, are based on the naturally occurring changes of the woman’s fertility cycle. NFP is medically safe, 99% effective in postponing pregnancy, and inexpensive. NFP has a beautiful effect on couples’ marriages, particularly in the areas of communication and intimacy.

The Catholic Church promotes NFP because it respects God’s design of human sexuality while avoiding the moral pitfalls of contraceptive devices, drugs, and surgical sterilization. Anyone interested in learning more about Natural Family Planning or in helping to spread the good news about NFP is encouraged to get involved.

Understanding and Appreciating Humanae Vitae
Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan
Married Love and the Gift of Life

To learn more about NFP methods, obtain answers to frequently asked questions, and for a list of trained instructors, click here.

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